Remedial measure or Pariharas:

In the Naadi Astrology
(chapter 13 and 14), due importance is given to performing Pariharas or remedial measures to atone our Doshas or sins. The Pariharas are generally suggested in the following 3 types of cases.

        (i) To atone for sins committed by us in our past births. According to the Karma theory of the Hindus, the good or bad deeds done by us in the past birth are continuing in the present life also, because of which we experience good or bad effect in the present birth. If the sins committed by us are serious ones, we have to sincerely regret for the same and do certain Pariharas. Unless we do this, we have to suffer extreme hardship.

      It is true that one cannot escape from the bad effects and has to undergo the sufferings for our bad deed in past or present life. But by doing the Pariharas, we can gain some relief from our problems, as we protect ourselves from the hot sun and torrential by using an umbrella. The Pariharams are like umbrellas. It does not prevent sufferings but it reduces the severity and density of sufferings and problems.

     The Naadi sincerely believes and assures us, performance of suggested Pariharas definitely protects one from the aftermath of sins of past life or the temporary bad effects caused by Gochara effects of planetary movements, in the present life.

        It is a question of fate vs. freewill. Our ancestors believed, that one can overcome fate by freewill or Buddhi by devotion to god, cultivating virtues, removing on and doing bad and good things. The sage Markandeya was destined to be died at the age of 18. But by his extreme devotion to God Shiva and Purity in his thoughts he escaped from death, because of the boon given by Lord Shiva, that he would ever remain 18 years of age and so there is no question of his death.

The Pariharams are only the training grounds for us to cultivate our minds towards devotion to God, generating love, compassion good and to be good to oneself and others. The Sukshma Naadi prescribes such Pariharams, like pilgrimages to Holy temples of God and Navagraha Nayakas, offer Puja and Abhishekam, offer food and clothes to poor and handicapped persons, offer food to birds like crows, plant certain types of shade giving trees in public places and roads to enable passers by to get shade, thus protecting them from the hot sun etc. When once the person sincerely regrets for his sins committed in the past or present life and vows, by doing these Pariharams, not to commit such sins in the present life and tries to be God fearing and leading a good life full of virtues, live for selfless service, giving help to fellow human beings, we can be sure that he would be the most loved and happiest person. No body should ever dream of doing harm to others. We would appeal to our customers, that they should understand the real meaning of the Pariharams as explained above, when they are actually performing the suggested Pariharas. They should never do it in a ritualistic or methodic way and again continue life, committing the same mistakes because of which they are suffering now.

   (ii) The second reason for our suffering as identified by the Sukshma Naadi, is caused by the Gochara effects or the temporary transits of planets like 7 and half years Saturn period, other planets transiting bad houses etc.

  The Pariharams suggested in these are also similar to the ones suggested for the first cause as explained in the previous para.

     (iii) The third reason for our sufferings identified by the Sukshma Naadi is by enemies and jealous persons, evil eyes, envy or conspiracy of others viz. pilli, sunyam etc. To protect one from the deliberative doings of others envious of us, the Naadi prescribes doing certain Manthra Japas for a specified period (one Mandalam, two Mandalam etc. Mandalam means 48 days) to the copper plate dedicated to Vedic Gods like Shiva, Vishnu, Karthikeya, Lakshmi, Durga etc. and wearing such Talismans duly chanted to Gods, in the body or doing Pujas in the house. The Naadi will describe what Manthra Japa is to be done in favour of which deity and what to do with Manthra Japa chanted copper plate.

          It is significant to note in this connection, that the Sukshma Naadi never suggests, any retaliatory evil Manthra Japas to well known Vedic Gods and wearing or doing Pujas to the Manthra chanted copper plates or Talisman only to protect oneself from the evil effects of the evil doers.

      These Pariharas are to be done only by those who are asked to do it in general chapter predictions. Others need not do any remedy. Some persons are asked to do remedial measures as suggested in Shanthi Kandam Chapter 13 while some others are asked to refer both Shanthi and Deeksha Kandam Chapter 13 and 14 depending upon the severity of the Doshas or defects.

       Furthermore, the Shanthi Kanda Pariharams are all to be done by the customer himself personally. The Deeksha Kanda Pariharams can also be done by the customer through the Vedic Pundits well versed in these Manthra Pujas. In such cases, we undertake to do such Manthra Pujas through our Head Office at Vaithiswarankoil, on payment of actual expenses.