Navagraha Poojas

                        It is believed in Hindu mythology that planets and stars cast their influence on human beings. All the planets or navagrahas move relatively and the stars are fixed in the zodiac. The planets are Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu (north lunar node) and Ketu (south lunar node).

                      Astrologers claim that planets or grahas affect the energy bodies or auras and minds of all beings on the earth. Each graha casts its influence at the time of their birth and continues till they live on earth. It is mentioned in scriptures and astrological references. These planets transmit universal energy.

How do they cast their influence?

Human beings are able to tune themselves to the specific energy of the graham or planet through samyama with the presiding deity of the planet. When we repeat a mantra, we tune to a specific frequency and it makes a contact with the cosmic power or energy and sends it into the human body and the surroundings.

The planetary movements are mentioned in a person’s horoscope. Some planets may be well placed and some are not. Hence there is happiness and sorrow, success and failure in one’s life. Sometimes, these planets may show negative influences called “doshas”. Astrological scriptures and Vedas mention various poojas to alleviate the negative influences of the planets and enhance positive effect.

    How the planets are placed in ones horoscope at the time of birth determines the good and bad effects of ones life and the time of their effect. In every horoscope some planets are well placed and some are badly placed. Hence we go through success and failures, happiness and sorrows in various aspects of life in different time slots in varying degrees. Certain planetary conflagrations give rise to strong negative effects called “Doshas”. The Vedic scriptures and the astrology scriptures prescribe various poojas to ward off the negative influence of the planets and to improve the benefic effects.

We offer the following Vedic poojas for the nine planets.

1. Graha Shanti pooja of any one planet: If a planet is not well placed in ones chart its shanti pooja/Homa removes or reduces the negative effects and gives better results. Apart from that Graha shanti is desirable in case of severe Mangala dosha or sadesati. During the dasa or antardasa of a planet if the planets graha shanti homam is performed one experiences better results. Apart from that, anyone desiring improvement in any particular aspect of life, like profession or health etc., can get the Shanti pooja/homa of the particular ruling planet for better results.

The planet’s pooja is done with the prescribed materials and 1008 namavali of the planet are recited and 1008 sookta recital is done. Pooja is performed by one pundit.

2.Navagraha pooja: The Navagraha pooja is performed in the prescribed manner with the Nava Dravyas of the 9 planets. Navagraha Sooktam is recited and 108 Namavalis of all the 9 planets are recited. This pooja is performed by 2 pundits.

3.Birth day Nakshatra Shanti Homa: This nakshatra shanti Homam is performed on the birth day of every year to give protection and better results throughout the year. This is performed by 2 pundits.

4. Navagraha Homam: All above plus recital of Sri Rudram and the pancha sooktas followed by homam with the prescribed materials. This is performed by 4 pundits.


5.Nakshatra Shanti Homam:The star constellation in which moon is placed at the time of ones birth is called Janma Nakshatra. Performing a nakshatra shanti homam improves the all round effects and removes whatever doshas are present. This is performed by 4 pundits.


For each of the above the homa can be of various levels as follows:

1.Graha Shanti Homam – One Planet : As above but 5 pundits recite the 1008 Namavali and Sookta of the planet (5×1008) and homam is performed for 1/10th number of recitals.

2.Graha Shanti Homam – One Planet – 10,000 Recitals : Graha Shanti Homam of any one planet as above but with 10,000 recitals .

3.Graha Shanti Homam – One Planet – 27,000 Recitals: Graha Shanti Homam of any one planet as above but with 27,000 recitals. Ten pandits perform it in one day :

4.Graha Shanti Homam – One Planet – 54,000 Recitals : Graha Shanti Homam of any one planet as above but with 54,000 recitals. Ten pandits perform it and it takes two days :

5.Graha Shanti Homam – One Planet – 108,000 Recitals : Graha Shanti Homam of any one planet as above but with 100,000 recitals. Ten pandits perform it and it takes five days:


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